My Course Work

As part of a structured PhD, I am required to take 60 ECTS as part of my programme (roughly 30-35 credit hours under the U.S. system). I can take any classes that may be of interest to me (provided my supervisor signs off and agrees said classes are relevant to my work). As such, I thought it might be interesting for some to read about the classes I am taking as well as reading some of the posts I have made as part of the course requirements (many of our courses require a set number of blog posts as assignments).

Digital Humanities: Theory & Practice explores the field of Digital Humanities and explores the various methods and practices that make up the field. It’s a theory driven course that introduces students to the realm of Digital Humanities. If you ever wondered what exactly Digital Humanities is, this is class to take. I could attempt to go into detail about it but frankly, it’s easier to just link you to the site that describes the class in detail. Check it out!

Digital Scholarly Editing explores the concepts behind the creation of digital editions and the technologies and methodologies that are leveraged to create a digital edition. The first half of the course (Semester 1) is largely theory based, exploring concepts such as TEI, the use of XML, Imaging, Metadata formats, etc. The second half of the course (Semester 2) deals with the actual creation of a digital scholarly edition. The entire class collaborates to create a digital scholarly edition of an analogue diary. I think it’s going to be a really fun class! If you’d like to read more about the class and what it entails, check out this link.

Remaking the Physical focuses on different methods and techniques of recreating cultural heritage information. The course covers techniques such as Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry, Reflectance Transformation Imaging, and 3D Modelling.  We will be working with a number of interesting technologies to recreate actual cultural heritage artefacts. To learn more about this class, click here.